Cherry Blossom

Composed (music and lyrics), Arranged, Conducted, Performed (vocals and piano) and Mixed by Léah Lazonick


Go away, my little cherry blossom flower. Your days are through, you’ve been devoured by the cowards. I always said bloom carefully. I always said you should marry me. So go away. Cherry, you’re as dirty as you feel.


You came my way, hiding your pedals from my eyes. You walked astray with a torn stem and damaged pride. You couldn’t choose just one daddy. You couldn’t settle just for me. So go away. Cherry you’re dirty, you’re so dirty.


Cherry Blossom your days are gone. Your life took too long, you’re a sad sad song. Cherry Blossom, don’t go that way. There’s no longer time to pose and play. The things that happened to your cherry tree, have taken you far away from me. Now I must do what your daddy did, and bury my Cherry away.